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Edition: Available editions United Kingdom. Does your morality come from your religion? Not really.

Converting to Christianity

Jim Davies , Carleton University. But the causal link is not as clear as it first appears. Free to interpret Clergy interprets scripture, and cultural practices and beliefs are passed down, many of which have little or nothing to do with the Bible, like the Catholic idea of having fish instead of meat on Friday a cultural tradition never mentioned in the Bible at all. Some Christians convert to Buddhism or other religions based on what they think works for their beliefs.

5 Great Reasons to Convert to Christianity

Read more: Millennials abandon hope for religion but revere human rights We see that people can choose religious beliefs, churches and even whole religions based on the morality that they already have. Who defines our morals? Read more: Being a progressive Christian shouldn't be an oxymoron So where do our morals come from, then, if not from religion?

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Star Wars: The Last Jedi grooms and prepares our minds for violence and war. Increasingly, North American millennials identify as spiritual as opposed to religious. To them, part of this spirituality means being compassionate, empathetic and open-hearted. Warda Naili poses for a photograph on a city bus in Montreal. Last week, Bill 62 was passed in Quebec, outlawing the wearing of a niqab on public transit.

This has nothing to do with the avoidance of chocolate and everything to do with facing the unvarnished truth about human failure. There is no way top business leaders would endorse the cross. It is life without the advertising, without the accoutrements of success.

Why do you think Christianity is true?

The Christian story, like the best sort of terrifying psychoanalysis, strips you down to nothing in order for you to face yourself anew. For it turns out that losers are not despised or rejected, not ultimately. In fact, losers can discover something about themselves that winners cannot ever appreciate — that they are loved and wanted simply because of who they are and not because of what they achieve.

That despite it all, raw humanity is glorious and wonderful, entirely worthy of love. This is revealed precisely at the greatest point of dejection. The resurrection is not a conjuring trick with bones. It is a revelation that love is stronger than death, that human worth is not indexed to worldly success.

In a world where we semaphore our successes to each other at every possible opportunity, churches cannot be blamed for failing to live up to this austere and wonderful message. The worst of them judge their success in entirely worldly terms, by counting their followers.

Their websites show images of happy, uncomplicated people doing good improving stuff in the big community. This is the site of real triumph , the moment of success. Failure is redeemed. God sent Jesus, his only Son so that we could have a relationship with him.

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The 5 Best Reasons Why You Should Attend a Christian College | Cairn University

He is ever present in our lives, to comfort us, to strengthen us, to listen and to teach. He speaks to us through his Word, he leads us by his Spirit. Jesus wants to be our closest friend. We were created by God and for God. Ephesians says, "For we are God's workmanship, created in Christ Jesus to do good works, which God prepared in advance for us to do. As we develop our relationship with God, he transforms us through his Holy Spirit into the person we were created to be. And as we are changed through his Word, we begin to exercise and develop the gifts God has placed within us.

We discover our fullest potential and true spiritual fulfillment as we walk in the purposes and plans that God not only designed for us but designed us for. No earthly accomplishment compares to this experience. Share Flipboard Email. Table of Contents Expand.

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