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We offer a selection of simple straightforward strategies to help you move through your grief to a better place, a place where you can bring joy and happiness back into your life. There are no magical steps of faith for you to take, simply try out some of the ideas and see if they work for you. The Grief Book. On the most basic level, advice is offered concerning the physical well-being of the grieving person, since this may often be the most urgent need. At a higher level, solace and comfort are offered concerning emotional issues. Finally, the book provides guidance for the spiritual well-being of the grieving person.

Far too often, dealing with the real issues facing bereaved children has been left neglected because of the natural tendency by adults to try to protect the child thereby creating superficial ways of dealing with the true physical, emotional and behavioral effects that grief can have on a child.

This book is a practical guide that will help parents and teachers recognize the signs, identify with the real issues and provide the child with the long lasting help the child actually needs. As the importance of emotional literacy is better established in schools as a pre-requisite for improving achievement, the PSCHE curriculum is increasingly used to offer young people opportunities to express and manage their strong feelings.

This book by two experienced and talented authors has been derived from their research and practical work with teenagers.

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It provides students aged 11 to 18 with an opportunity to: - consider the effects of grief, loss, and death; - develop the ability to talk about, acknowledge and manage the feelings associated with the grieving process; - maintain mental health and resilience. Most important, is the emphasis on the development of emotional literacy skills and specifically the development of an emotional vocabulary, empathy, tolerance and resilience. The focus on death and loss and the process of grieving is central to the course. The way in which supporting materials are sensitively illustrated and designed for easy differentiation is also a key feature.

To survive and live forward, those who grieve must find answers. Beyond the Broken Heart is an eight-week support and ministry program for those who are grieving the loss of a loved one. Author Julie Yarbrough chronicles her personal experience combined with a deep love of Scripture and years of leading grief support groups to create an authentic and deeply personal study. Questions for personal reflection with space for recording responses Readers will transform their experience of grief into a life lived in gratitude for the steadfast love and faithfulness of God and a life that honors the memory of their loved one.

Using a re framing of meaning process through guided steps, this booklet will assist many to resolve their grief. If you are interested in talking with a professional, feel free to contact me for a free telephone consultation.

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    By Naina Lepes. By George Thompson. By Gavin Flood. By Jack Hawley. By Swami Purohit. Bhaktivedanta Swami Prabhupada. By Ram Karan Sharma. By Ashim Bhattacharyya. Home Books Religion. Items Per Page: 15 30 60 Year Newest Pub. Items - of Check box to include out-of-stock items. View: Grid List. In recent years, and especially through the leadership of the late Pope John Paul II, Catholic Social Doctrine has become strongly opposed to capital punishment in practically all cases.

    The Catholic Church's opposition to the death penalty is based on its support for a consistent ethic of life for all of humanity. This consistent ethic also includes defending the unborn, the handicapped, victims of human rights abuses, and countless others whose human dignity is violated.

    This book, a collection of papers gathered as part of a project by the Florida Council of Catholic Scholarship, describes and defends the official Catholic theological opposition to the use of the death penalty in practically all cases. Beyond the Hype By William R. With searing honesty Henri J. Nouwen describes the events leading up to his near fatal accident and recalls the transformative experience at the portal of death. Beyond the Mirror helps us contact the powerful reality of unconditional love that Nouwen experienced as he touched eternity.

    His insight inspires us to live our lives freely with confidence and trust that we belong to God. Beyond the Rapture By Frederick C.

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    A guide to Rhonda Byrne's "The Secret" explores the true meaning of the book and film, discussing the teachings and influence on Byrne of the New Thought movement, classic self-help books, and contemporary self-improvement experts. We are in the middle of a Conscious and Planetary evolution and everywhere around the world, people are feeling its impact. Relationship difficulties and endings along with illness, family dynamics, financial, physical, mental and emotional health are all being affected. The old ways of living and operating in our world are no longer supportive, requiring us to find other ways of being and operating in a new world that is founded on love for all.

    Using these new-found understandings, insights and resources enables us to be fully present and in control in each and every moment.

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    She shares the lessons learned and best practices of the success stories—those women who are currently serving in solo or senior pastorates. Based on a national survey of female clergy, this volume is rich in insights based on data as well as personal anecdotes—insights that will empower not only women called to the pastorate but their male colleagues and denominational leaders who want to support them. One day the sun is shining, the winds are calm, and the water is smooth -- then all of a sudden, a furious storm comes out of nowhere, and the waves break over you and knock you off your feet.

    Grasping for breath, you struggle to regain your senses. You turn your eyes to heaven in search of help -- but sometimes This book is written by and for storm travelers.

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    This book is about surviving the storm. To help you survive your storm, Jerry Jones freely shares his own hard-earned insights gained from his five-year ordeal of watching his wife die after a valiant struggle with cancer. The Tim Griffith Foundation helps to heal and strengthen Bay Area communities by providing support and services to those affected by addiction, violence and loss. Open to Hope.


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    Open to Hope is a non-profit organization with the mission of helping people find hope after loss. We invite you to read, listen, and share your stories of hope and compassion. MISS Foundation. They are a community of compassion and hope for grieving families. Your email:.

    Death, Grief and Bereavement

    Skip to content. Reading List I always have these two books on hand to give to newly grieving people.

    They were the only books at that time that gave me anything. One of the nice things is that you can open the books anywhere and get something.