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This, however, hit the mark in every way. Portion size, perfect. Presentation, excellent. Flavour, absolutely divine, which left me - for the first time - regretting that pre-visit deal and begrudgingly spooning two mouth-watering twirls of spaghetti from my plate and onto the plates of my dining partners. Despite the generous servings of food, we decided we could all manage just enough space to sample the Tiramisu. For me, the sign of quality ingredients and an expert chef is the ability to never make you feel over-full, that regretful feeling where you force yourself to consume a final slice or spoonful of a dish because it just happens to be there on your plate.

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Even after the Tiramisu - with its garnishes and balanced flavour as exquisite as the chocolate, marscapone, cream and Segafredo coffee within it - we all felt pleasantly satiated, but not uncomfortably so. Sort of. But after awhile the pity party got old and I wanted Gaga to refocus her anger and take her show ever deeper into the freaky and outlandishly rock-stravagant. She exceeded my expectations, dropped my jaw and got me cheering and clapping.

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But did her show convince me that she is an original artist with something fresh, creative and new to say or express? On one hand, yes, Lady Gaga is putting a fresh spin on her Madonna influences. And, yes, she is developing into a multi-dimensional artist who can thread the needle between several genres and successfully blend rock, pop, dance and the rock opera into one big experience of maximum engagement.

She is simply the Madonna for a new generation and a perplexing barbed bundle of unpredictable inspiration for those who connect with her brand of pop-shock and super-spectacle. We only have to look and listen to artists like Peaches and Saul Williams to see that both of these artist are and have been doing a much better job of convincing fans that their message is genuine, fresh and unique. And I did become a Little Monster — if only by association — as I stood surrounded by thousands of decorated and costumed devotes who screamed and cheered unceasingly throughout the show.

Does she want to really empower her audience and set them free, or continue to confuse and alienate them with the vicious bite and venom of the fame monster?


It was good to see the Social Distortion on stage again doing what they do best. And that song growled and purred so strong and pure in a way that all life-saving punk rock songs do. Lollapalooza is all about catching lighting in short bursts by jumping from stage to stage as you walk around the grounds.

On Saturday night, Green Day demonstrated why they are the current champs of the pop-punk rock opera. They ruled the south end of Grant Park with a set that saw them bring young fans on the stage, shoot off multiple rounds of fireworks and pyrotechnics that would put KISS to shame as they charged through American Idiot with a fierce passion, as if they were playing the album for the first time for a fresh flock of fans.


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And I even realized that tiny bugs loved the Green Day set too. Because during the show a mosquito landed on my arm, sucked my blood and threw up devil horns before I squished him.

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Unfortunately, the venue no longer exists but as we know Green Day lived on with a vengeance. And you know what?

Korea's Green Arcade Is Closing Down, But Here's The Real Sad Part

There were moments were Lollapalooza was at full-throttle, but for the most part, many of the performances and the crowd vibe during the weekend seemed oddly foreign and strangely stuck in neutral. But when Arcade Fire took the stage on Sunday to close out the festival, the band somehow knew exactly what we needed to shake us from our sonic Twilight Zone and truly come alive. This was the type of palpable and deeply felt emotional connection between me, the band and the crowd that I was waiting for all weekend.