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Your vet can tell you how much your pet should eat every day based on his size and how active he is. That can mean your cat could decide to eat as much as he can, which could make him gain too much weight.

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If your cat begs when you sit down to eat, resist the urge to feed him from your plate. Some human foods are bad for cats, like onions, garlic, raisins, some nuts, and chocolate. Other foods, like milk, are hard for many kitties to digest and can make them sick. Even if you keep your kitty indoors only, cats are excellent escape artists. Always have a collar on him with his name and your phone number in case he makes a break for it.

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Many humane societies say microchips are the best way to get your pet back to you safely. Worried about your furniture?

They tend to use these rather than our furniture, although before I got them Noodle did rip up the leg of a table I really liked. She says love and attention are the best things to keep your indoor cat content. Spend time on them and you'll watch the bond grow. It's one of the most satisfying things I've ever known, and to me they are family. Keep Life Interesting To most indoor cats, life is humdrum, monotonous. As Sagwa has time to herself away from bossy Dongwa, she loses her collar and is adopted by a girl who lives on a boat. A stray cat named Nee-Lao rescues Sagwa and takes her place in the boat.

The princesses enjoy the Lantern Festival, but Ba-Do gets dirty, mistaken for a commoner and lost with Sagwa. When they meet a nice old woman, Ba-Do decides to donate her lucky money and enjoy the last of the festival. Tai-Tai's niece Angwan comes to the palace to be wed, with Baba reluctant to meet with her.

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As the kittens try to deliver Angwan a present, a calamity ensues, but Angwan and her groom thought it was very funny and the wedding commences. Sagwa and Sheegwa find themselves flying in a hot-air balloon with the explorer Sir Richard to a fossil dig site, with Dongwa and Fu-Fu in pursuit.

A new cat called Won-Tom becomes Dongwa's mate to do a lion dance. Dongwa then realizes that Won-Tom used him and took credit for his dancing. He manages to get the alley cat Ling to join in his own dance. Nai-Nai teaches the kittens what their zodiac sign is and tells them the story of the Jade Emperor getting all twelve animals to race to determine who is the fastest, resulting in the rat reaching first place.

Sheegwa tries to act older, while Baba tries to act young again.

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The kittens, Baba and Fu-Fu go on a treasure hunt, with Sheegwa as the leader. When they find the treasure Sheegwa and Baba finally accept their current ages.

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The Magistrate's cousin Leyh comes to the palace for a stay over after his palace roof fell off. Sheegwa is sick so she is begging a story and that's what Mama Miao always does when she is sick. So both Sagwa and Dongwa take turns telling their story.

Meanwhile, the Magistrate's cousins are coming over for a family reunion, which puts the Cook in a bind.

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The Rat comes back to the palace on the run from the alley cats. He uses Sheegwa to get what turns out to be a clay cookie. Sagwa makes the rat put it back and then he becomes part of their Zodiac Game. Auntie Wen looks after the kittens and introduces strange but wise lessons to them. Meanwhile the princesses try out their new bikes. To Dongwa's surprise, Cha-Siu is a puppy. On VHS, there were eight volumes with each containing three episodes.

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On DVD, there were four volumes, six episodes each. There was also a 6 volume DVD box set, with each disc consisting of episodes. Every disc comprises episodes based on themes and were divided in half for those select sections of segments. In , sixteen episodes from the show were released on one disc as part of the PBS Kids pack anthology set, with the two other discs containing episodes from Zoboomafoo and George Shrinks.

http://alexacmobil.com/components/jylyrodet/taqo-spiare-iphone-gratis.php The series was also briefly on Google Play. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. This article needs additional citations for verification. Please help improve this article by adding citations to reliable sources. Unsourced material may be challenged and removed. Public Broadcasting Service. Retrieved September 4, Television portal China portal. PBS Kids original programming. Where in the World Is Carmen Sandiego?


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After a day of playing and calligraphy, at bedtime Mama tells her kittens the story of how Sagwa got ink patches on her paws and face which in the process thwarted one of the Magistrate's unfair laws, resulting in it being beneficial for everyone. Dongwa feels discontented about his kittenhood and tries to act more grown up hoping to see the fireflies in the night sky. After many hardworking tasks, Baba permits him to come and Dongwa is rewarded with a wonderful sight. Dongwa and Sheegwa, inspired by Acrobatic Cats, learn their moves making Sagwa feel left out.

Sagwa shares her newly discovered attic with Fu-Fu and Sagwa remembers how she first met Fu-Fu after he rescued her from an ash pot and Dongwa never believed in Sagwa's new found friend. Sagwa hears how hard it is for Fam and his family to get food, so she shares some of hers to Fam, but pays the price for always being late for dinner. The Miao kittens teach Fam how to fish and he finds Fu-Fu his lost glasses.

Two con artist tailors get to work making invisible robes for the Magistrate. Those who do not see believe they are fools. Sagwa exposes the tailors' cheating and the Magistrate has the tailors sentenced to make his whole family new clothes. This episode is derived from " The Emperor's New Clothes ".